Jeremy Rosen

Board Vice President, Public Participation PRoject

Partner, Horovitz & Levy, LLP

Jeremy Rosen is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Public Participation Project.  Mr. Rosen is a partner at Horvitz & Levy, LLP and has been lead appellate counsel in dozens of appeals in a wide variety of areas (his name currently appears on more than 25 published opinions and many more unpublished opinions and he has presented more than 30 appellate oral arguments, including to the Ninth Circuit, California Supreme Court, and five of the six appellate districts in the California Court of Appeal).

Mr. Rosen has developed an expertise in the First Amendment, California’s anti-SLAPP statute, the law of defamation, and the application of the litigation privilege. He has won three cases involving the California anti-SLAPP law before the California Supreme Court, and has handled many other anti-SLAPP appeals in the intermediate appellate courts.  Mr. Rosen has been invited to speak on these and other topics at numerous conferences.