Grade: F

Michigan does not have an anti-SLAPP law. 


2010 Update:

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a strong Anti-SLAPP bill (HB 5036) on August 19, 2010, with bipartisan support.  Justin Kurtz, Public Participation Project’s former Webmaster and the victim of a SLAPP lawsuit, testified before the Michigan House of Representatives in support of the bill.  HB 5036 was introduced by Representative Kate Ebli.  State Representative Kevin Elsenheimer introduced HB 6394 in September 2008, a bill to protect both public officials and citizens from lawsuits arising from their petitioning activity.  The bill has raised concerns for some because it was seen as too protective of government officials vis a vis citizens, especially zoning officials.  Rep. Elsenheimer was expected to introduce anti-SLAPP legislation in response to suits brought by developers against local township officials, but it does not appear that legislation has yet been filed.

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