Rhode Island

Grade: B

Rhode Island has a good anti-SLAPP law. It was enacted in 1995.

Jurisdiction Statute or Case Law? Any Forum? Any Public Issue? Mandatory Attorney Fees/Costs? Additional Burden? Amendment After Grant? Amendment While Pending? Immediate Appeal?
Rhode Island R.I. Gen. Laws section 9-33-1 – 9-33-4 (1995) Y Y Y ? Y ?

R.I. GEN. LAWS §§ 9-33-1 – 9-33-4 (1995)

Any statement made before or submitted to a government body, in connection with issue under review by government body, or made in connection with issue of public concern, is conditionally immune from civil claims unless said petition or free speech constitutes a sham.

R.I. GEN. LAWS § 9-33-2(d) provides for a SLAPPBack.  It provides that a court shall award compensatory damages and may award punitive damages upon a showing by the prevailing party that the responding party’s claims, counterclaims, or cross claims were frivolous or were brought with an intent to harass said party or otherwise inhibit said party’s exercise of its right to petition or free speech under the United States or Rhode Island Constitution.

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