2017 California SLAPP Update

PPP Board Vice President Jeremy Rosen recently co-authored an article on California's anti-SLAPP law for California Lawyer.  The article provides an overview of California's anti-SLAPP law and discusses the evolution of the state’s anti-SLAPP jurisprudence.  Excerpt here:

California’s anti-SLAPP statute provides for the early dismissal of strategic lawsuits against public participation (called “SLAPPs”).  See Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 425.16(b)(1).  Anti-SLAPP issues can arise in any number of practice areas, and every attorney in the Golden State should be familiar with the basics of this oft-cited statute. Since its passage in 1992, anti-SLAPP motions have generated nearly 600 published appellate opinions.  A random visit to a busy Law and Motion department on any given day will likely yield one or more anti-SLAPP motions being argued with vigor.

Read the full article here.