How Should a Lawyer Respond to a Yelp Review Calling Him “Worst. Ever.”?–Spencer v. Glover

PPP Board Member Professor Eric Goldman recently posted on his Technology & Marketing Law Blog about a case out of Utah dealing with a Yelp review of an attorney there.  Here is an excerpt from that post:

Glover hired and then fired Spencer as his divorce lawyer. Glover then posted this Yelp review:

Worst ever. Had to fire him after I gave him a chance for well over a year. Paid him his $2,500 retainer, then paid him another $2,500 shortly after … and I still owe him another several thousand dollars! … all for his hunt-and-peck filing typing b.s. while he makes me watch. I’d be willing to wager that he was sitting on it and running the bill up until I produced money that she had not gotten her hands on. There was none that she had not gotten her hands on. She admitted that she spent the $40k in the safe. My order is _still_ based on substantially higher income earned the hard way in the Middle East, supporting my family by supporting those who protect our freedom. The arrears [have] become astronomical and ORS is threatening to take my license and passport … Yelled at me once when I called to ask him about something his office had sent me that day. Told me to “GOOGLE IT!” Worst. Ever. Filed a Utah Bar complaint and strongly considering suing him. Just have to find someone to do it.

(Note: Glover posted a second Yelp review 6 months later, but the follow-up does not appear to be at issue).

Spencer demanded that Glover remove the review. When Glover refused, Spencer sued for defamation and related claims. The district court granted Glover’s motion to dismiss. The appeals court affirms.

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