Sued for posting a negative online business review? It can happen

Tim Evans, The Indianapolis Star's consumer advocate, writes:

After a horrible experience with a major retailer earlier this year, I decided to air my grievances online.

I was convinced the entire world needed to know just how poorly this loyal, long-time customer had been treated.

Still fuming when I got back home, I sat down at the computer and pounded out a well-reasoned explanation for how the store manager broke ever tenet of customer service in the book, and why the business would never get another penny out of me.

But I held off posting the review on my Facebook page or other online sites. The process of writing had, thankfully, purged much of my anger — and brought me back, at least temporarily, to my senses.

I may be lucky I didn't post that scathing critique (as well-written and factual as it was, IMHO). Businesses are watching online reviews and, increasingly, striking back with retraction demands — even lawsuits.

Google "bad review and lawsuits" and you'll find a lot of examples...

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