Lawsuit against Martin County ramping up

The mediator has declared an impasse and terminated any further efforts to amicably resolve Bill Reily’s lawsuit against Martin County. Reily sued after the County Commission denied final site plan approval for the Pitchford’s Landing project, claiming that the County violated its “contract” to allow Reily to build his proposed development pursuant to a PUD Agreement, regardless of violations of existing Land Development Regulations.

The suit was filed on behalf of Reily Enterprises by the same attorneys who sued the County and SLAPPed Maggy Hurchalla in connection with the Lake Point rockpit. The attorneys attempted to subpoena our firm’s files on the SLAPP suit filed by Reily against residents of Jensen Beach and the Jensen Beach Group. We have filed a motion asking the Court to reject Reily’s efforts to seek attorney-client privileged information to harrass residents who oppose Pitchford’s Landing.

While Reily ramps up his battle with the County, construction material is piling up on the neighboring Dutcher’s Cove property in apparent anticipation of commencement of work along the shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon which has been battered by Reily’s development and now faces further impacts from planned development on the Dutcher property.

The Dutcher property was sold last summer to a Sewall’s Point resident who plans to build a three-story “Tech Center” mixed development perched on the edge of the Lagoon. The former owner installed rip-rap and beefed up native vegegation on the site to protect the shoreline. The new plans apparently call for a retaining wall to be built on the property.

Jensen Beach residents are attempting to obtain information on the project, which I am unable to locate on the new County website.

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