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Tennessee has a weak anti-SLAPP law. It was enacted in 1997.

Statute or Case Law? Any Forum? Any Public Issue? Mandatory Attorney Fees/Costs? Additional Burden? Amendment After Grant? Amendment While Pending? Immediate Appeal?
Tenn. Code. Ann. section 4-21-1001 – 21-1004 (1997) Y Y ? ? ?

TENN. CODE ANN. §§ 4-21-1001 -21-1004 (1997)

Any person, who in furtherance of right of free speech or petition in connection with a public or government issue, communicates information regarding another person or entity to any government agency regarding a matter of concern of that agency, unless with knowledge or reckless disregard of falsity with regards to a public figure or negligence of falsity with regards to private figure, is immune from civil liability.

A Tennessee court ruled that a plaintiff seeking to unmask an anonymous blogger’s identity must first make a sufficient legal and factual showing on the underlying claim.

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