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Minnesota has a weak anti-SLAPP law. It was enacted in 1994 and changed in 2015.

Jurisdiction Statute or Case Law? Any Forum? Any Public Issue? Mandatory Attorney Fees/Costs? Additional Burden? Amendment After Grant? Amendment While Pending? Immediate Appeal?
Minnesota Minn. Stat. section 554.01 - .05 (1994) Y Y ? ? Y

MINN. STAT. §§ 554.01 – 554.05 (1994)

Lawful conduct or speech that is genuinely aimed in whole, or in part, at procuring government action, unless constituting a tort or violation of a person’s constitutional rights, is immunized under the law.

MINN. STAT. §554.04(2)(b) provides for a SLAPPBack cause of action.  It provides that a court shall award actual damages, and may award punitive damages, if a SLAPP defendant shows that the SLAPP was brought to harass, inhibit the defendant’s public participation or exercise of constitutional rights, or otherwise wrongfully injure the defendant.

2015 Update: Minnesota's governor signed an bill changing the state's anti-SLAPP law. Read more here.

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