Judge hears Cheyenne man's request to dismiss lottery case

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A state judge said Monday he intends to rule soon on a Cheyenne man’s request to dismiss a lawsuit the Wyoming Lottery Corp. filed against him early this year alleging he tried to sabotage its relationships with national lottery organizations.

Judge Thomas Campbell heard arguments from lawyers representing Edward Atchison of Cheyenne and the corporation.

The corporation sued Atchison in February, accusing him of telling national lottery organizations that the Wyoming corporation isn’t doing enough to address problem gambling.

Lawyer Tim Kingston of Cheyenne urged Campbell to dismiss the corporation’s lawsuit, calling it a “SLAPP suit,” meaning a “strategic lawsuit against public participation” — a legal action intended to discourage any public criticism.

Kingston told Campbell that the corporation is an arm of the state and said it raises constitutional issues for it to sue a citizen critic.

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