Attorney General Threatens Defamation Lawsuit

Attorney General Curtis Hill is threatening a defamation lawsuit against the person who leaked a confidential memo detailing allegations that he groped four women at a downtown bar in March.

Attorneys Kevin Betz and Sandra Blevins are also seeking the identity of the person who provided what they say is wrong information to a law firm that compiled a memo about the incidents for Indiana House and Senate leaders as well as the Legislative Services Agency.

“We call on the political figures who put together this information in the memo to, one correct this memo that continues to contain this false and malicious information: two, who is the individual who included this information in the memo; three and last, who leaked this false and malicious information,” Betz said Wednesday at a press conference at his law office.

Betz and Blevins said a lawsuit has not yet been filed, but they are calling on lawmakers to reveal the information about the people who they say defamed their client.

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