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Superior Court Grants Anti-SLAPP Motion And Dismisses Tortious Interference Claims Against PBS

In February, several entities owned by Tavis Smiley sued the Public Broadcasting System, alleging that PBS’s public statements – that it had received multiple credible allegations of misconduct by Smiley and that it had conducted an investigation into those allegations – were false and defamatory, and led to the alleged cancellation of existing contracts and interference with future business relationships.

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Techdirt: State Appeals Court Tosses Defamation Suit Against Lawyer Who Wrote About Teen Driver Who Injured His Client

A woman sued an opposing side’s lawyer, claiming his blog post detailing the Snapchat lawsuit was defamatory. The lower court allowed the case to proceed, rejecting the lawyer’s anti-SLAPP motion. But the appeals court dismissed the case under Georgia’s anti-SLAPP law, finding there was no defamation and nothing written with actual malice.

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