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Trump, Bill Maher and Miss Pennsylvania: The 'I'll Sue You' Effect

PPP Policy Director Evan Mascagni was recently quoted in a USA Today article about Donald Trump and SLAPPs:

Trump isn’t alone in trying to “hijack the judicial system” to silence critics, said Evan Mascagni, policy director at the Public Participation Project, an advocacy group lobbying for a federal anti-SLAPP law.

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Jay Leno SLAPP Dismissed Under California Law

In 2006, Jay Leno, NBC and others were sued for defamation by a woman claiming defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress based on statements he made in the show. NBC took advantage of California’s anti-SLAPP motion to have the case dismissed, and fees and costs awarded, with the court holding that no reasonable person could understand Leno’s statements to be factual or defamatory. 

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