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A law firm tried to sue a student over a bad Yelp review. The judge wasn’t having it.

A judge sided with a student who was sued for leaving a negative review of a law firm online, dismissing the defamation lawsuit and ordering the firm to pay her $26,831.55 in legal fees. The student’s lawyer successfully petitioned the court to have the lawsuit dismissed as a violation of Texas’s law against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP).

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Couple That Was Sued For $1M Over Yelp Review Asks Court To Dismiss Lawsuit

A Texas couple faced a lawsuit filed by their petsitter for $6,766 over a negative Yelp review. After that case was dropped, the petsitter re-filed the suit as a full-on defamation lawsuit seeking up to $1 million in damages. The couple asked the court to throw the entire case out because it should be prohibited by the Texas anti-SLAPP law.

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Texas: 1.3 Million in Anti-SLAPP Sanctions

In what appears to be the highest award since Texas‘ anti-SLAPP law was enacted, “Plaintiffs in a “revenge porn” defamation lawsuit must pay $1.3 million in anti-SLAPP sanctions and attorneys’ fees and apologize for filing “baseless” claims in similar lawsuits to punish their critics, a Texas judge ruled.”

Read more about the case from Courthouse News Service here.

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TX Case of First Impression Involves Fracking, Defamation Claims, and Anti-SLAPP Law

The Texas Supreme Court heard arguments Dec. 4 in a case of the first impression pitting Fort Worth-based natural gas drilling company Range Resources Corp. and its subsidiary against fracking opponents.

The companies allege the fracking opponents defamed them through statements and release of a video to the media showing a hose spewing water that was on fire. The fracking opponents sought to have the Range Resources plaintiffs’ defamation claims dismissed based on the Texas Citizen’s Participation Act, also know Texas’ anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) statute.

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Texas Civil Rights Group Sued for Defamation

In 2008, members of the Texas civil rights group Black Citizens for Justice, Law and Order brought neighborhood concerns of racist policies to a public meeting. A member of the group took minutes at the meeting, including allegations of racist police acts and derogatory statements made about a local city council member, and forwarded the minutes to the Congress member for the district.

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Texas Developer SLAPPs Law Professor for Book Review

In November of 2008, a Texas developer sued the author of a book about an eminent domain development agreement he had signed. In addition to naming the book’s author and publisher, a book reviewer and the newspaper that published the book review, the suit also named Law Professor Richard Epstein, who wrote a brief review on the book jacket, lauding the book as a “page turner.”

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