Student sued for $500k by towing company

PROVO, Utah (KUCW) -- A student in Provo is facing a $500,000 lawsuit, filed by University Parking Enforcement (UPE). UPE is a towing company, and it is not owned or operated by Brigham Young University.

Carl Prince claims his legal battle with UPE started in an unmarked parking spot. Prince sued the towing company, citing it illegally withheld evidence.

"I wanted to avoid going to court if possible, so I sent them a letter stating my intent to file a complaint based on those two allegations," said Prince.

UPE refunded his parking ticket, but Prince still took them to court and won.

"This case is about a young man who received a full refund because of a technical error in a statue," said UPE's attorney, Justin Heideman. "(He) decided that wasn't enough so he sued. He got paid, then he decided it wasn't enough, so he sued again."

Prince says he started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for his court payments.

"In 18 years I've never seen a plaintiff who appealed after winning because he didn't feel he won enough, and after he admitted he had no damage," said Heideman.

Prince says he thought it was all over, until he was served papers, which claim UPE is suing him for defamation.

"I said that hundreds of people can attest that UPE often crosses the line. They in their complaint state that these hyperlinks include instead link to Better Business Bureau and Yelp with a total of 30 reviews," said Prince. "They're stating that since 30 is not hundreds, that that is false, and therefore defamation."

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