Who We Are

The Public Participation Project (PPP) is currently working to pass federal anti-SLAPP legislation in Congress.  Our coalition of supporters includes numerous organizations and businesses, as well as prominent individuals.  PPP also assists individuals and organizations working to pass anti-SLAPP legislation in their states.  An important part of our work includes educating the public about SLAPPs and the consequences of these lawsuits intended to limit free speech.


Staff & Board of Directors

Evan MascagnI

Policy Director

Kevin Goldberg

Board Member

Jeremy Rosen

Board Vice President

Julio Sharp-Wasserman

policy analyst

Josh King

Board Member

Sean Parnell

Board Member

SoPHia Cope

Board MEmber

Eric Goldman

Board Member

Laura Lee Prather

Board Member

Rachel Ehrenfeld

Board Member

Mark Goldowitz

Board President