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SLO lawyer sues former client over online reviews

From Chris McGuinness at New Times:

"Was your dinner served cold or undercooked? Was the waitress rude? Did the mechanic who fixed your car overcharge you? These days, letting the whole world know about your dissatisfaction with a business is as easy as jumping on a laptop or smartphone and leaving a scathing review.

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Internet Newspaper Sued for Anonymous Comments

In Maryland in 2006, a real estate developer brought a defamation lawsuit against an internet newspaper company, Independent Newspapers, Inc. (INI), and three John Doe defendants in state court. The lawsuit arose from statements criticizing the developer for selling his historic home to another developer and accusing him of maintaining a dirty Dunkin’ Donuts establishment.

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Blockshopper Website Lawsuit Settled

In August of 2008, the law firm Jones Day sued Chicago’s BlockShopper site, a site that reports on real estate transactions, often with descriptions of those buying and selling homes. Jones Day alleged trademark infringement and unfair trade practices based on Blockshopper’s use of Jones Day’s service marks, links to the Jones Day site and the use of its lawyers’ photos.

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New York Blogger Sued for Protected Speech

In September of 2008, New York attorney Marina Tylo filed a lawsuit against blogger Andrew Lavoott Bluestone of the New York Attorney Malpractice Blog, seeking $10,000,000 in damages for libel, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference with prospective contractual relations. Tylo’s lawsuit arose out of a neutral statement on Bluestone’s blog stating only – and truthfully – that Tylo had been sued for malpractice.

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Medinex Dismissed Lawsuit Against Anonymous Critics

In 2001, Idaho company Medinex Systems, Inc. sued fourteen John Does who criticized the company on a Yahoo! message board. Medinex alleged defamation, tortious interference with business relationship and wrongful interference with a prospective economic advantage, and then issued a subpoena to Yahoo! in California seeking the identities of their critics without first proving any illegal actions.

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