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Ex-ESPN Analyst Argues Network Wasn't "Media Company" in Publishing "Fake Texts"

A former analyst sued ESPN for “permitting a hostile workplace” and retaliation. ESPN said it is protected by Connecticut’s anti-SLAPP statute, but the plaintiff argued that the law is not applicable in federal court. Additionally, the plaintiff argued that ESPN was not acting as a media company in the matter, and thus should not be afforded free speech protection.

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Free speech should include criticism of development, Mount Pleasant officials urge Statehouse

A developer sued a South Carolina town in 2016 over a zoning issue, and a few residents who had spoken critically about the development were subpoenaed for their comments on the matter. “The subpoenas demanded residents' communications, including Facebook and Twitter posts, to or from other residents of Simmons Pointe, the homeowners association, the town, elected officials, appointed members of the Board of Zoning Appeals and others.” Though the lawsuit settled, Mount Pleasant Town Council urged state lawmakers to pass the Citizens Participation in Government Act of 2018. 

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Chinese Cultural Center update: Beijing Gardens restaurant remains open

The majority owner of Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center announced plans to get rid of the building's Chinese architecture. Community groups protested the move, and then took the company to court. One of the tenants filed a defamation lawsuit against the company, and the company filed a defamation suit against the tenant. Lawyers for the tenant called the latter suit a SLAPP suit.

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